Student Achievements

July 2011

Amazing Day with Chloe Bruce

On Saturday 23rd July Munster Martial Arts students were very lucky to have the opportunity to train with the amazing Chloe Bruce who is one of the most recognized female martial artists in the World today. Famous for her amazing flexibility, and very fast, but yet powerful kicks. Chloe has blown up into a Worldwide icon inspiring many other martial artists all over the globe.

Chloe who was busy working filming stunt work on Brad Pitts new movie World War Z enjoyed a break from her busy schedule to visit her friends at Munster Martial Arts. A large number of students gathered to train with Chloe and then later enjoyed the opportunity to relax and meet with her at Formula for Fun where Munster Martial Arts run classes.

Its Chloe's passion, determination and drive that has enabled her to grow into such an amazing athlete, from which she has been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the biggest names in the industry: Jackie Chan, Will Smith, Van Damme, doubling for Jennifer Lopez & touring with Jeremy Clarkson & Richard Hammond on the well known Top Gear live World Tour.

Chloe currently holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for most kicks in 1 minute - standing at 212 kicks

Chloe also recently featured in the Live Semi Finals of Britains Got Talent when she competed with her sister Grace comping as the Bruce Sistaz.