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This page outlines the achievements of our students and recent news from our classes.

March 2012

March 2012 Bill Wallace Seminar

This March we are delighted to be bringing Bill Superfoot Wallace to Limerick.

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February 2012

February 2012 Chloe Bruce returns to Limerick

On 25 Feb 2012 we were delighted to welcome Chloe Bruce back to Limerick.

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February 2012

February 2012 Student Competition in aid of CARI

On 5 Feb 2012 we held a student Championships in aid of CARI. Many students from all clubs gathered for this event which was a really exciting family day.

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November 2011

November 2011 Black Belt Gradings

Well done to our new black belt students Luke Kennedy, Rian Brady , Cian McCarthy , Jack Murphy , Dave & James Meany.

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September 2011

September 2011 National Dyspraxia Awareness Conference

Master Pat Forde was invited to speak at the National Dyspraxia Awareness Conference which was held at Limerick Institute of Teechnology. Master Forde provided kids talks and a parents lecture on the subject of bullying. Master Fordes talks were attended by kids and adults from all over Ireland and were well received by all in attendance. Master Forde devotes a lot of his time helping kids, schools and families deal with bullying and has received special training in the UK to facilitate his workshops.

July 2011

July 2011 Chloe Bruce Visit

On Saturday 23rd July Munster Martial Arts students were very lucky to have the opportunity to train with the amazing Chloe Bruce who is one of the most recognized female martial artists in the World today.

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June 2011

June 2011 Mayoral Reception

This year Limerick City is the European City of Sport and our remarkable World Championship achievement was acknowledged by the Mayor of Limerick Cllr. Maria Byrne by a Mayoral Reception held in City Hall to acknowledge the team.

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May 2011 - 2011 World Championships Success

Our competition team have achieved an outstanding result at the 2011 World Championships in Cardiff , Wales. Over 1065 competitors from 17 different countries participated and our team of 12 students won an impressive 11 medals including 3 Gold , 5 Silver and 3 Bronze medals

For full details of the World Championships with pictures click here.

March 2011 - St Patricks Day

Some of our younger students enjoyed a really great day this St Patricks Day when they marched in the Limerick City parade

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November 2010 - All Ireland Tang Soo Do Championships

Our competition team have achieved a fantastic result at the All Ireland Tang Soo Do Championships which was attended by teams from all over Ireland and the UK. our team won a total of 16 medals including 10 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze

For full details of the competition with pictures click here.

October 2010 - Black Belt Gradings

This year we have had several students successfully pass Black Belt grading. For full details and photos click here.

October 2010 - Grand Master Giacobbe Classes

This october we had Grand Master Giacobbe back to Ireland where he ran several student seminars. For full details and photos click here.

September 2010 - Living in a Window for Limerick Kidz

Munster Martial Arts students were delighted to lend their support to the Living in a Window for Limerick Kidz charity event in aid the the Childrens Ark at the Regional Hospital and CARI. Mark Whelan lived in Brown Thomas Window for 95 hours and some of our students were there when he finished his campaign where we did some demonstations for people outside Brown Thomas For full details and photos click here.

August 2010 - Karate Kid Day at Cresent Shopping Center and Omniplex Cinema

Munster Martial Arts students arrived in large numbers for their Karate Kid Day at the Cresent Shopping Centre and Omniplex Cinema. For full details and photos click here.

June 2010 - Student Section of site now up

The private student section of the website is now up. Students should email with their name and class details to receive their user id and password

May 2010 - Limerick Pro Boxer Jamie Power

Limerick pro-boxer came to class to meet with students before his Irish Light Heavy Weight Title fight. For full details please click here.

Limerick 95 Bullying Discussion - Tuesday April 13

Today lead instructor Pat Forde featured on Limerick Today with Joe Nash to discuss bullying and the martial arts reaction to it. Martial Arts should not always promote a violent response to bullys as this can make things a whole lot worse. Our Martial Arts classes can help give students the tools to better deal with bullys but what is most important is that kids know they can always communicate with adults in their lives if things are bothering them. Parents and adults need to be vigilant as some kids and teenagers will not talk about it if they are the victims of bullying. This is a complicated issue, we are putting together some guidelines that will be added to the student section soon and welcome any constructive input.

Bank of Ireland Student Achievement Award

James Meaney was recenty nominated by his school Ard Scoil Mhuire Bruff for a Bank of Ireland Student Achievement award in recognition for his success at World Championships in Poland. For more info on this great achievement please click here.

Busy Grand Master Visit

Grand Master Giacobbe visited with us March 2010 when he had a really busy visit. For full details on Grand Master Giacobbe's visit please click here.

March 2010 - Newstalk 106 Tom Dunne Show

On Thursday 4th March lead instructor Pat Forde featured on the Tom Dunne show to discuss our Anti-Bullying guides.

Bullying is a very serious issue and can be very damaging. There are also many different forms of bullying. Martial Arts can help build up confidence and in time help kids develop skills to help deal with bullying. These skills do not neccessarily always need to lead to a violent outcome. Many parents decide to bring their kids to our classes to help deal with bullying & this can be part of the solution. We will soon publish more information in the student section of the site but if you need more information please contact us. If you decide that you would like martial arts training to be part of your family solution them please contact us, if we do not currently run classes in your location we will be happy to help you find a recommended school.

Find us on Facebook

Munster Martial Arts is now on Facebook. You can now find us and become a Facebook Fan, new content will be added to Facebook page soon.

Student Section launching soon

We will soon be launching our student section on this site. This will contain all our syllabus information and other useful information for students and parents. We will update all classes when this is up and running.

Limerick Live 95FM Breakfast Show

Listen in through March for further information and daily & weekly prizes from Munster Martial Arts.

Grand Master Giacobbe events in March

Grand Master Giacobbe will be here between 18th & 20th March to consuct black belt gradings and student seminars. This is a great opportunity for our students to be graded under Grand Master Giacobbe. If you wish to take part in a student seminar with Grand Master Giacobbe please see Mr Forde or fill out the contact form to book your place.

Feb 2010

All students eligible for Gup gradings will be grading from the end of Feb through March, gradings dates for classes will be announced at class soon.

Feb 2010

Announcing Munster Martial Arts Student Fund.

The Munster Martial Arts Student Fund is a fund setup to benefit the students in our organisation . In the past many students have wished to travel to events such as competitions, seminars & international events but have not been able to do so for very understandable financial reasons.

The Munster Martial Arts Student Fund is setup to help. It is funded from a contribution from gradings fees not including classes. It is intended to help our teams for future events & allow our students excel without incurring all the cost on themselves and their families.

January 2010

Student nominated for Bank of Ireland Student Achievement Award.

Congradulations to James Meaney from Bruff who was nominated by Ard Scoil Mhuire , Bruff for a Bank of Ireland student award. James has been a student of Pat Forde since he started school and was nominated for his Karate achievements. Last October James won 2 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze medal at the World Championships in Poland and has also won medals at a number of National Tournaments. Good luck James.