Student Achievements

September 2012

September 2012 Best of the Best

Well done to our competition team who brought home 16 medals from the September Best of the Best tournament in Dublin competing against kickboxing, karate and other martial arts clubs from all over Ireland. We only had a small number of students competing as the tournament was not long after Summer break but the students did very well bringing home with them 16 medals including a number of gold, silver and bronze at a very tough tournament that was a really positive experience for the team. The team was made up of younger students ( which are pictured here) and adults from the city and county . All students competed in Korean Forms and in sparring divisions the team competed in point sparring and also continuous light contact for juniors and full contact for adults . Well done to everybody involved and thanks to all the parents and grandparents for making the trip and to Pat White for putting on a great tournament