Teenager and Adult Classes

Using regular exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit is a very important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. There are dozens of choices if all you want is a workout but you also need to keep your mind and spirit in shape to achieve your goals and only martial arts shapes the total self : mind, body and spirit.

At our adult classes you will learn all aspects of our structured grading syllabus including Kicking , Punching, Striking, Throws, Locks, TakeDowns, Weapons and Forms. Our Self-Defence & personal safety training is practical and effective.

At our classes not only will you are not only guarnteed a cardio-intense physical workout but you will also gain greater confidence and learn how to concentrate with less effort and more results making your spirit strong and positive.

At all of our classes you will receive a strong class suitable for your level of fitness and martial arts experience. Our classes are structured so that everybody from the beginner to the experienced martial artist will benefit from our training and see results.

Munster Martial Arts runs a full programme of adult classes.

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  • You will receive internationally recognised grades
  • Improve your fitness,flexibility & muscle tone
  • Classes suitable for men and women
  • Develop your martial arts skills to the best of your ability
  • Help weight loss goals
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Self-Defence & personal safety training
  • Motivational training
  • Positive social interaction for the whole family
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