Tang Soo Do offers many benefits to enrich every part of your life. The self-defense techniques taught to students are effective and give the students a confidence that shows in how they carry themselves. Physical fitness is greatly enhanced with Tang Soo Do training. Flexibility, strength, coordination and increased cardiovascular development are achieved during training. Age is not important! At Munster Martial Arts we have students ranging in age from 5 to 55 years old. Our training programs can be tailored to individual needs. The development of a person's mental strength is part of the training: improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-esteem are part of the many benefits of Tang Soo Do. By incorporating these into our daily lives we see the positive effect our training has.


Children benefit from our classes in many ways. The physical development of coordination, balance, and timing, as well as the mental development of confidence, discipline, respect, and self-esteem give a child all the tools to be successful in life. Children develop an attitude of willingness and wanting to try new things. Academics is stressed at Munster Martial Arts.

Benefits of Tang Soo Do Martial Arts for Children


Benefits of Tang Soo Do Martial Arts for Adults

Adults can see the benefits almost immediately in their training. Relieve stress and tension of everyday life through our classes. Increase your energy level, improve your posture, stamina and appearance. The enhancement of physical and mental well being is the primary goal of Tang Soo Do.