Kids Classes

The benefits to your children and family of receiving suitable martial arts instruction are widely recognised. Our Martial Arts classes can help your child lead a healthy lifestyle and teach them values & life skills that will benfit them mentally & physically. Kids in our classes really enjoy fun, positive classes where age appropriate material is thought in a manner that kids can relate to. Our kids programmes and classes are enjoyable & uniquely structured to ensure kids learn values & a wide range of martial arts skills including kicking techniques, hand techniques, combination work, self defence, forms integrated into fun classes uniquely structured to achieve maximum results in an enjoyable environment.

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Self-defence & anti-bullying guides.

Improved co-ordination , concentration , confidence.

Improved Focus.

Improved fitness and flexibility.

Can help weight loss & teaches healthy habits.

Helps build character, self-esteem and self-belief.

Develop Positive attitude.

Realistic goal setting to help develop work ethic.

Positive rewarding social experience for kids.

Classes for kids are great fun and rewarding for parents.